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Women in Sport report that there are over 700,000 more inactive women in the UK than there are men. Only 8% of girls are meeting recommended exercise guidelines.

The benefit of sport and physical activity is well known but often hard to fit into a busy life and the barriers that women and girls feel, perceive or actually face can act as a deterrent to making physical activity and sport a normal part of life.

Both men and women of lower socio-economic segments are most likely to be inactive and not meeting or benefiting from the recommended physical activity levels.

According to Women In Sport, 33% of women from NS SEC groups 6-8 are inactive compared to 17% of women from NS SEC groups 1-2 (higher/lower managerial, administrative and professional occupations).

If women are inactive they are not benefiting from the physical, emotional, social gains that can be realised as a result of being active as well as putting themselves at risk of disease.

We know this to be an issue across Coventry, Solihull & Warwickshire with local insight further highlighting the inequality between male and female physical activity levels.

Coventry state that 44,184 women are inactive in the city. This equates to 33.6% of inactive females which compares to 26.8% inactive females nationally, a difference of 6.8%


For more information on Coventry click here to read the Physical Activity Behaviour in Coventry document.

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Our Vision

Everyone in Coventry, Solihull & Warwickshire to benefit from and enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle in safe & thriving communities.

We Want To

Maximise the opportunities for all women and girls to participate in sport and physical activity by celebrating everyone who takes the brilliant step to go from doing nothing to doing something and those who progress from doing a bit, to doing a bit more. It all counts!

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