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Blog – 26 November 2020

A letter to my body (part 1)

Dear body,

I write to you finally. For years we have been together and for years you have carried me, moved me, hurt me, defied me and so much more.

Sometimes I look at you and you repulse me; you are so much I do not want to be or be associated with. You really do mess with my head, yet I cannot leave you.

Sometimes you make me feel terrible; not just emotionally done in but physically too, heavy and cumbersome, ill-fitting and uncomfortable, but I cannot complain.

There have been times when I have wanted to leave you so badly; just to be free of the burden and the weight, the humiliation and feelings of self-loathing, the bad habits and the feeling of being out of control.

And yet, my one and only body, we have always been together, and we will be together forever. So, let me take this opportunity to say sorry. I am sorry for not being kind to you. I am sorry for consciously giving you rubbish things to eat. When I bought them and put them in my mouth, I was only thinking about me (my head) and not you and that you would have to deal with the consequences of a poor diet or too much food.

All around me I have seen, heard and been part of sport and seen the wellbeing and happiness benefits of a fit and healthy human body but I have shied away from letting you do what you were designed to do; to move and be active. I am sorry.

For more information on being active and the benefits on your health visit the Better Health website,


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