12 days in and Vicky is #SwimmingdownDementia

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Getting it done! #swimmingdowndementia

Since starting the challenge on 1 September, Think Active Director, Vicky Joel is 16km into her Swimming down Dementia challenge. During Alzheimers awareness month (September) Vicky has pledged to swim the equivalent of the English Channel (22 miles, 34 kms) to raise funds and awareness for Alzheimers Research UK

Vicky said, ‘I felt self conscious about the thought of being in my costume and about taking on swimming when it isn’t something I do, enjoy or am particularly good at…..’ ‘I feel better about myself for having taken on a challenge that is completely outside of my comfort zone. Not only am I raising money for a great cause thanks to generous donations, I am getting fitter and healthier doing an all over workout and feeling better about my own body image’ 12 September 2019

Find out more about why she is swimming below and we will follow her progress here

Vicky said, “If you know me you’ll already know this, if you don’t let me confirm… I’m not a swimmer, at all! I went swimming for the first time in years a few weeks ago and I can confirm I hack my way up and down the pool. September is Alzheimers awareness month, there are an increasing number of dementia diagnosis in the UK and Coventry, Solihull & Warwickshire (in particular) reflect this increase. Many of us have been affected by dementia and if my #swimmingdowndementia fundraises to help us understand more about and look for a cure for this cruel disease then it is more than worth it.”

September 1, swim number 1…. 2160 metres

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