#StayInWorkOut- This Mum-to-be Can!

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Blog 8 – 15 April 2020

Since the lockdown, working from home initially proved to be slightly difficult as my two children (aged 3 & 6) assumed that ’Mummy’ is at home for them, not for work. However, a successful productive routine has been established to balance both.

Furthermore, bringing a new life into the world has been exciting news for us but equally worrying too. To divert my attention, I am spending quality time with my daughters and enjoying listening to them read. I’ve appreciated the moral of these simple magical fairy tale stories more so then ever. I even felt inspired to write my own children’s book but my morning sickness quickly took over that idea. Maybe, I’II revisit that challenging venture at a later date.

Even though I cannot walk off my morning sickness (or rather an all-day sickness) in the park, or grab lunch with a friend to calm my worried pregnant mind, I’ve remained positive. I understand how important it is to follow government guidelines to stay safe and save lives and appreciate the hard work and resilience of the NHS staff.

To remain calm, relaxed and healthy, I’ve been watching yoga videos by Sarah Beth, which I must say are relaxing for both mind, body and most importantly my unborn baby. The whole family has joined in too and sometimes the giggles whilst doing so, diverting our attention our attention from the difficult times we’re all experiencing.

I miss my colleagues and the ideas and stimuli that derived from our meetings and discussions in the office. However, I am grateful that we can still connect by working online as it keeps me bust.

Over the last few days, I’ve awoken by the chirping birds and as I open the curtains, I’ve been welcomed by the Warmth of the glistening, golden sunrise. A sign that says, ‘It will be over soon’.

Please stay safe and positive and I’m sending you all a virtual hug!


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