#StayInWorkOut- Staying Sane Throughout the Craziness

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Blog 5 – 08 April 2020

It’s a crazy time. For most of us, we’ve never dealt with this level of uncertainty. Some of us are without work, some of us are teachers for the first time. Some of us are overwhelmed with anxiety and fear. But one thing is certain: nothing is certain.

So it’s especially important that we take care of our mental health and fitness now more than ever. This is what I’m trying to do to stay sane with 2 small children one of whom has chicken pox (who gets chicken pox after 3 weeks of isolation?!), a new house, work and a partner who is still out working all hours.

One. Connect with People

Luckily we live in a time of unprecedented technological resources and access so I’m taking time to reach out to friends and family. Staying connected to my tribe, offering support, encouragement, and assistance where I safely can. We’re all in the same boat, and now is the time to come together. Stay social, stay connected, stay positive.

Two. Make a Daily Plan

I hate being confined to my home. I feel like I’ve lost track of the day, time means nothing, and I don’t remember a time before 24/7 pyjamas. The best way I combat this is to have a plan. Breaking up my day into “blocks” and planning how to use each block of time. This is especially important to me with the kids. It means I’m not so pressured to do constant homework and I know I can schedule in regular exercise slots. Being outside is my saviour. Did you know we haven’t had a rainy day since lock down was announced? I run in the mornings with the kids in the trailer or I take the kids on a bike ride in the trailer which they love.

Lots of walks/runs/panicked shouting with the kids on their bikes or scooters too. I’ve also found making sure I get early nights and not drinking too much helps!

Three. Don’t Participate in the 24 Hour News Cycle

I’ve stopped listening and watching the news. I’m forced to stay on top of things a bit with work so I choose not to become absorbed in the news outside of this. I want to stay positive.

I know what I need to do to feel my best – exercise is a major part of this. I’m loving trying out something new, especially with the kids. Check out https://www.thinkactive.org/wethinkactive/#covid and get active.

Hannah 🙂

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