#StayInWorkOut – Peer Pressure

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Blog 1 – 30 March 2020

So, we have been lucky with the weather (so far) since lock down and social distancing began which has meant that getting outside for my one walk, cycle or jog per day has been lovely! I don’t know about you but I haven’t lacked motivation to get outside and have a change of scenery!?

Over the last week or so I too have picked my way through the increasing volume of online classes and resources. Technology has allowed me to see lots of other people all trying physical activity stuff in their own homes. I get the impression that there is quite a lot of improvisation and people doing different stuff because we can’t get outside to the places where a lot of us were previously active.

Under ‘normal’ circumstances I would avoid trying something new or something that I know I cannot do. Pledges can be well intending but often empty and never more so than now when we are at distance from each other and might not have the regular nudge from friends and colleagues. Having said that, I do get a strong sense that by people sharing what they are doing through social media [we] are actually creating and maintaining that nudge and gentle peer pressure for us to do and try something.

A friend of mine works for the NHS and in a group conversation they casually challenged us to ‘be good at press ups!’ (while they continued to go to work and we were working at home). This could have been swerved, who would know? Who would care? But instead we have taken on the challenge and are attempting to do and improve 10 press ups. We video our attempts and share them and it acts as a nudge for the next person to try. Is there banter and joking? yes there is but is also genuine support to try.

Here is my attempt…. I will get better, I will get better and I will try and get good enough to do 11!!


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