#StayInWorkOut- Finding an activity for me!

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Blog 9 – 17 April 2020

I wish I could say saving the best till last but if I am honest with you I have struggled to find an activity I enjoy during lockdown. I am not a huge fan of fitness, I usually try and stay healthy by playing golf and hockey.

I had the best intentions at the start of lockdown, I started with home workouts, which on a laminate floor was harder than I thought, I spent more time sliding around. I then decided to utilise my hour of exercise outdoors and try running, that way I could enjoy the lovely sunshine we are having. I think I lasted 3km and then my phone went flat and apparently I struggle to run without music.

I changed tactic as this wasn’t working for me, I decided to set myself a goal to help motivate myself!

My goal: To learn to do a proper push up (not on my knees)

With the help of Google, I started off with doing push ups on my knees, which I found easy, so have been progressing to doing them on an incline and then lowering the incline. I started on the kitchen worktop and have progressed my way down to the sofa, which I can just about complete 10 push ups on. Fingers crossed I make it down to the floor, maybe that could be my part 2 blog!

One of the things keeping me motivated to reach my goal is I have told multiple people including friends and work colleagues and no doubt they are going to want to see me doing a proper press up once we are out of lockdown and I don’t want to make myself look silly so I will continue with my daily press ups and hope for the best!

To stop me going stir crazy inside, I have been using my hour of exercise outside to enjoy some walks, exploring canal paths by my flat that I never knew existed. They have been helping me switch off from work, rather than just walking the 10 steps from my make shift office to the living room.

For those out there, like me, struggling for motivation or not finding an activity you enjoy, keep trying! Now is a great time to experiment, if you need ideas visit https://www.thinkactive.org/wethinkactive/#covid

Remember, Some is good, More is better!

Hayley x

#StayinWorkOut #WeThinkActive

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