#StayInWorkOut- Face-planting

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Taken moments before she face-planted the floor

Blog 3 – 03 April 2020

As we all know physical activity is the best thing EVER and so important at the best of times. So, being in lockdown with a sassy 11-year-old makes my daily exercise even more important and the only thing keeping me sane (ish).

Since lock-down I have fallen in love with exercise in a different way. In particular, prior to lock-down, my daughter would describe exercising with me as “social suicide” as I am “so uncool” which I am sure many parents can relate to (I hope). However, due to quarantine, I am FINALLY her first (only) choice, YESSSSS!!… which means a whole new way of exercising

So far our exercise has consisted of lunchtime walks. Once you fast forward the first 5-minutes of moaning the rest of the walk is so lovely. The air seems clearer, it is so peaceful and there are no distractions. Therefore, it’s the perfect way to spend quality time together whilst getting healthier. We have also attempted home workouts including HIIT and dance routines. However, my favorite is when we just play. For example, yesterday we attempted a workout, yet we ended up face-planting the floor, falling over, getting mud all over us and ended with me dropping her mid-shoulder carry (she’s fine don’t worry- I’m really short) and honestly… it was probably just as good for my body as going to the gym but 1000 times more fun.

The only exercise no one face-planted the floor! Winning!

So, my advice for us all to stay healthy during this time is firstly enjoy the beautiful outdoors for that one exercise a day, you can call friends or family whilst walking too. Afterall, lock-down has shown us that it is all we truly need (and toilet roll of course). Secondly, try some home workouts, there is so much available for everyone, including Joe Wicks who will 100% get your HR up <3.. and get you exercising 😉. To find out more regarding the physical activities that are available please check out our website.

Stay safe, healthy and physically active and we will all get through this together!

Sian x

Taken moments before I face-planted the floor

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