#StayInWorkOut – Canine Motivator

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Annette & her loyal walking companion and chief motivator!

Blog 2 – 01 April 2020

Well, into the third week of working from home and I should be getting used to this but sometimes it can be difficult to get motivated, for anything.  I make a point of going downstairs and running back up every hour – good excuse to get a drink.  I’m lucky as I have a garden and can get out into the garden, especially as the weather is so much better and sunny. 

I found Joe Wicks for seniors today on YouTube.  At my tender age!!!!

Therefore, the garden is looking better, the grass has been cut, path and patio well swept, rockery will be next if my dog will let me. He wants to play ball every time I’m in the garden but good reason to be outside and beats sitting looking at the same four walls. 

I’m not up to running marathons nor going for 50 mile bike rides, my normal daily exercise apart from doing house work is my hour plus walk with my border collie. 

After doing the squats, boxing, etc with the Body Coach I felt so much better – try it.  I am already looking forward to the next session. 

So that will be my new daily routine, Joe Wicks for Seniors in the morning, then breaking up the looking at the same four walls by getting up and down the stairs and then enjoying the walk in the fresh air with my dog! Everyone – stay positive. Annette

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