#StayInWorkOut- Adapting My Routine

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Blog 5 – 10 April 2020

A lot of my exercise before this situation consisted of playing football games each week, having the odd kick about with my mates and going to the gym. Since this now breaches government guidelines about social distancing I thought I’d try something new…

With my brother due to run the London marathon in October(you can support him here), I’ve wanted to get into running for a while but I never usually got round to it. So I thought with all of this extra time I have now I’d give it a go! I downloaded the Coach to 5K app which is a great app that helps you get started, that motivates me on my runs and keeps me focused, preventing any distractions. This app is one of the many resources on our Outdoor Physical Activities page – I would highly recommend it! Each run only lasts about 30 minutes so it doesn’t take up much of my day at all and it gives me time to fit in a home workout when I get back.

As for my home workouts I like to vary what I do every day and try to improve. Whether it’s press ups or sit ups, I try to push myself to keep doing more! Many resources for home workouts can be found on our Indoor Physical Activities page to help you #StayInWorkOut.

So that’s my routine for this lockdown period until I can get involved with my local park run when it’s all over!

Stay safe and stay active,

Jake 😊

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