#StayInWorkOut- Abi and the M’s A-Z of Being Active during Covid-19 (Part 1)

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Blog 4 – 06 April 2020

So Its my turn to do the Think Active Blog for today.  I thought I would give you the A to Z of how I have been trying to stay active with my 3 children, Maisie 13, Millie 11 and Monty 7 aka the 3M’s.  This is the first part, A to M, so, here goes:

A is for A-Z challenges, every day at 9.45am the Coventry Solihull and Warwickshire School Games organisers are posting on Think Active social media a new active challenge for children to try, the M’s have loved giving some of these a go!

B is for BhangraFit Leamington who have been posting twice weekly workouts which Maisie and I have been giving a go!  They are great fun, you can see some of our attempts on the @ThinkActiveCSW facebook page.  The workouts are still available on the @BhangraFitLeamington facebook and Instagram accounts if you want to give them a go.

Abi and Maisie giving Bhangrafit at go!

C is for Cycling, we are still allowed to cycle so Monty has been riding his bike rather than walking with the rest of us.

D is for Dancing and the Disney Dance along’s which are available on the This Girl Can Website . great fun for dancing along to Disney favourites, in our house its songs from Descendents 3!

E is for Everyone Active, who have a timetable of live workouts on the @EveryoneActive facebook page which I’ve been giving a go. The videos are still available for anyone missing their workout at their local Everyone Active Centre.

F is for Florence our dog who we have been taking out for daily walks (or in Montys case bike rides), usually in the evening when its nice and quiet on the streets round our house and we can maintain our 2 meter social distancing.

Florence and Millie on their walk

G is for Golf.  Mille and Monty both play golf but obviously can’t go out on the course so have been using the garden for chipping and putting practise. The Golf Foundation have created a Golf at Home activities page for children and families.

H is for house work, there always jobs to be done!  Granny Irene (my mum) is currently in isolation and has been working through a whole list of household chores: cleaning, scrubbing, washing, wiping and hoovering all help keep her active indoors!

I is for Interval training, and in particular High Intensity Interval Training (HITT).  These workouts are hard work but are really effective and only take 20 minutes or so.  There are loads available on line for you to follow, but I tend to use the ones on the BodyCoach’s YouTube Channel which leads me nicely onto …….

J for Joe Wicks, aka the nations PE teachers and The Bodycoach.  Like many people up and down the country, the M’s and I have been taking part in Joe’s live 9am kids workouts on YouTube.

The M’s doing their PE with Joe Wicks

K is for kicks and kicking. Maisie has been practising her gymnastics high kicks and superhero kicks have featured in our daily Joe Wicks workouts.  If its footballs kicks you have been missing the FA have football activities you can do at home on their Footballs Staying at Home webpage

L is for Leamington and Warwick Gymnastics Club (LWGC).  Monty and Maisie are both members of the club.  For many sports clubs this is a really challenging time.  LWGC have remained in touch with all their members through e mails and social media, offering online classes, competitions and posting photos of their gymnasts practising hard at home.

M is for Motionhouse, a dance charity in Leamington.  Maisie normally does a weekly dance class with Motionhouse, instead her classes have now moved on line.  They are currently creating a range of  FREE online classes, available on their #TogetherInIsolation playlist on the Motionhouse YouTube channel

So, that’s part 1 done, letters A to M.  We’d love to hear how you are staying active in your house.  Share your ideas with us at Think Active using the hashtages #StayInworkOut and #WeThinkActive, you might be able to give me some inspiration for part 2 of my blog, letters N to Z! 

Abi x

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