#StayInWorkOut- A Swimming Coach in lockdown!

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Blog 10 – 1st May 2020

Jen, working out at home!

I am Jen and I am Assistant Coach at Kingsbury Aquarius Swimming Club – have been for about 4 or 5 years now. I work with Claire, our Head Coach – who has been with us for years – she used to swim with our Club when she was a child – as I did – so we love our little Club through and through.

We swim at Kingsbury School Pool in Kingsbury School, North Warwickshire and at North Solihull Sports Centre (Chelmsley Pool) – I think the Club must have been at both venues for over 40 years. We also use Castle Vale Pool for our Senior swimmers once a week – so we have our feet across 3 local Authority areas – and we draw swimmers from all three.

We are quite small by comparison with some Clubs – currently we have 170 registered swimmers and quite a few of those are our learn to swim “ducklings” and our improvers. We do have “Masters” swimmers – people who just simply never left or came back when they brought their children to swim. We are renowned for being a family led, friendly and fiercely competitive swimming club – most of us teachers and coaches were swimmers in our time (some of us even still turn out for the odd league gala or home competition.

Lockdown has had a massive impact on our little Club- we used to be in the water 6 days a week and we have worried about keeping in touch with people. We do try to pass on all of the positive messages from Swim England and other exercise resources which are going around. Some of the families are doing Zoom quizzes and staying in touch via What’s App and Instagram.

I decided to do weekly work outs from my house (or in the warmer weather the garden) and I now offer them 3 times per week in the afternoons – after school and after I finish work. Most sessions are well attended – I do them on Instagram which was what seemed to be the most popular platform  and they are available for 24 hours afterwards as some people said they prefer to do the sessions in the evenings.

What has been great is the number of people who are taking part in the sessions as families, so you know when 15 people are viewing, its probably 30 or 40 people taking part. I have seen a few ex- swimmers joining in with the workouts and others who are back from Uni or College and have come back to us. They still all hate doing burpees!

Its tough staying swim fit after all of this time out of the water and no one quite knows when we will go back and how we will feel. We talk in swimming about having “the feel of the water” and we hope it doesn’t take too long to get it back – in the meantime “stay as fit as you can with Jen!”

#StayinWorkOut #WeThinkActive

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