Pak Shaheen Cricket Club

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The Project

The club, based in Keresley, provided coached and mentored activity sessions for their club members and members of their families to engage with all age groups. With 2 qualified coaches and a Welfare Officer at each session, they aimed to relieve anxiety associated with becoming active post-Lockdown 1.0.

The cricket club resides in Keresley, Coventry, an area of deprivation, and the vast majority of the club’s make up are from non-white communities. They attract people from all ages from the surrounding areas of Foleshill and Hillfields, where opportunities are limited.

The Impact

The impact on the group and community was very positive. The feedback from participants was very encouraging, despite the apprehension around Covid-19, and the everyone remarked how safe and secure the sessions felt.

Over 7 weeks, 63 people took part, engaging quite a few senior citizens which they did not anticipate. With this age group came several people who had health issues and wanted gentle exercises to reintroduce them to physical activity.

The Participants

Name: Kamar

Aged: 50+

Attendance: 100%

Health: Type 2 diabetes

Feedback: ‘Wonderful weekly outdoor exercise sessions in the Warwickshire countryside by a professional personal trainer. Thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended.’

Name: Qamar Zaman

Aged: 48

Attendance: 100%

Health: Very Good

Feedback: ‘Thank you for organizing some great exercise sessions! The sessions have been fantastic. It has built up my confidence & fitness. The instructor has been wonderful, has answered my questions on many aspects of my fitness & reassured me. Thank you so much, I am looking forward to get back to exercise and healthy living. Well done and thank you Pak Shaheen team for organizing these sessions.’

Name: Assad

Aged: 47

Attendance: 80%

Health: Pre diabetic

Feedback: ‘The training sessions were very physically and mentally invigorating. The session pushed my body to its limits; a very satisfying experience on the whole. Look forward to more training sessions in the future.’

Name: Shazad Raja

Aged: 59

Attendance: 100%

Health: Good

Feedback: ‘Felt really good to exercise in open environment. Good exercise techniques. Enjoyed every moment and I hope it carries on.’

The Challenges

The weather played a big factor in the amount of people who turned up to sessions; if it was delivered earlier in the year with the brilliant weather, numbers would have been higher and would probably have attracted more new people.

What Next?

The club have had several individuals who want to continue the program, and they plan to deliver the sessions for as long as the interest is maintained.

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