My 5 in 5 and diabetes

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Blog 3 – 23rd October 2020

I’ve found it tough during these past few months, juggling work, chores and family life that I seem to be rushing from one task to the next, ticking things off my to do list. It’s great when I get to tick a load of jobs off. One thing I find harder to tick off is my exercise. I know I should be doing it, as I’m a type one diabetic, and exercise really helps to control my diabetes, but sometimes it’s easier to tick those other things off the list.

It’s important that I exercise regularly to help manage my blood sugar levels and including these daily five in five exercises into my routine, has really helped me to reduce my blood sugar levels. I view them now as part of my daily routine, rather than on my tick list and it’s helped improve my mood and motivation to continue to include them in my daily routine. I’ve found doing little bits of exercise throughout the day has worked for me, rather than trying to put an hour aside each day, which is just not possible. I especially like the stretching exercises as it helps me relax and release tension. It’s also made me think about how I can include other bits of exercise into my day and I’ve jogged back home from dropping the kids off at school a few times. I’d say, give them all a try and find the ones that you enjoy doing.

Becky, constant list writer.

Gemma’s 5 in 5

For more information on being active and diabetes, take a look at the NHS website

For more information and a copy of the 5 in 5 leaflet from We Are Undefeatable click here


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