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Inclusive Archery

The Tackling Inequality Grant supported Inclusive Sports Academy CIC to launch new sport & physical activity sessions for young people living with impairments in Solihull.

COVID-19 meant inclusive sessions were cancelled, many participants were shielding without the opportunity to be active leading to inactivity, low self-esteem, and low confidence.  Inclusive Sports Academy, partnered with SOLO to support the negative effects of the pandemic and provide inclusive, differentiated sessions that are tailored to meet the needs of the individual. The sessions are dedicated to integrating vulnerable, inactive people back into the community post COVID-19, whilst building confidence and self-esteem through physical activity.

Many challenges remain as supported living complexes are still reluctant to integrate members into normal life. However, Inclusive Sports Academy have worked hard to overcome such barriers by raising awareness of physical activity, conducting videos with service users & sharing good practice across the region. They have adapted to suit the diverse needs of their participants by moving their sessions online and delivering sessions at supported living homes. This has enabled many individuals with impairments to thrive, stay active, connect, and gain all the physical, social, and mental health benefits of physical activity.

 Andy Warmington (Director) “the sessions helped supports people’s enthusiasm to have a sense of purpose & structure to their day. Its Increased social opportunity giving participants common ground for conversations”

Debbie (SOLO) “The members love it when Sports Academy come in, they love the challenge. It’s so nice to have the opportunity to have these guys coming into our own setting and provide physical activity and sport opportunity, it’s absolutely fab”

The members themselves are so enthusiastic about the sessions and always look forward to Inclusive Sports Academy visiting;

It’s a laugh, I love the archery, I have made a load of friends”

“We’ve made a lot of friends, including the member of staff and coaches” “you get sweaty with it, I like it”

I love everything, I’ve made a new best mate who will always be my best mate now”

What’s next…

These sessions have given opportunities for the organisation to grow; they will keep the vibrant varied sessions, but also increase opportunities for new and different activities delivered in more diverse settings. Additionally, Inclusive Sports Academy are striving to provide an opportunity for the members to take ownership of their own sessions through volunteering to deliver sport & physical activity. Website:

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