Tips to get active

  • Everyone has been a beginner, don’t worry about being perfect first time.
  • Nervous about trying something new, that’s completely normal, take a look at some of  the Common concerns about being Active that people have and ideas for overcoming these.
  • Try writing a list of Pros and Cons of being more active., this will help you work out why being active is important to you.
  • Use our Goal Setting template to help you set a realistic gaol to achieve, writing it down can help you stick to it.
  • Make an Action Plan and gradually build up. Remember there’s no rush
  • If you miss a session, don’t worry, attend the following week or when you next feel able to do so.
  • Take a water bottle, stay hydrated.
  • Listen to your body and go at your own pace. Try taking part at an intensity where you can comfortably talk, but not sing.
  • You may have set backs – that’s OK, it happens to everyone! Just try and stick with it.
  • Being active with a friend, colleague or family member can help, if you’re going to something for the first time, you could take someone with you for moral support
  • Don’t forget to have fun – try and relax and take the experience in, as this will help when it comes to shaking those nerves off.
  • If physical activity is new to you, start slowly and build up gradually over 3-6 months.
  • Build activity into your daily routine – anything you can do to increase your movement will be beneficial. An example might be taking the stairs rather than the lift.
  • Some discomfort during and immediately after activity does not mean damage. It is normal for anyone to experience some muscle soreness after doing a new activity. Over time, as your body adapts, this will reduce.
  • Choose an activity you enjoy – you are much more likely to stick with it. This may mean trying a variety of activities before you choose one to do regularly.
  • Tell your friends and family how you are trying to be more physically active. They may provide important moral support (as changing your habits is not easy) and may also be able to help you make time by helping out with things like childcare.
  • Be realistic – some days will feel easier than others, and this is normal. Aim to build more movement and less sitting time into your normal life.

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