Seated & Lower Intensity Activities

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Active at Home

This booklet has been designed to help older people and those who are shielding to be physically active and healthy at home.

If you are able to support with the distribution of booklets please click here to complete an online form with your organisations details and the quantity of booklets you feel you could distribute. The booklets will then be delivered to the address specified.

PHE Active at Home Booklet

For online videos of the movements in Active at Home booklet visit:

Moving Medicine

Provides resources for people recovering from Covid-19, helping them build physical activity into their lives.

We Are Undefeatable

Activity Leaflet
This leaflet aims to inspire people to be active in their homes, including a pull-out practical guide with a range of inclusive, illustrated exercises.

WAU Leaflet

WAU Activity Poster

Five in Five resource
Customisable mini workout to build activity into your day. You choose 5 exercises and complete each one for 1 minute totally a 5 minute workout.
To view the resource visit:

The Body Coach TV

  • Free short workout videos including:
  • Home workout for seniors
  • Chair workout for seniors and many more

Walking 4 Health

  • Provides top-tips, tools and advice to stay motivated when walking
  • Information and advice regarding walking with health conditions

NHS Sitting Exercises

  • Provides many gentle sitting exercises to help improve mobility and prevents falls
  • All you need is a stable chair

10 Today

  • Easy to follow, audio 10-minute daily home workouts to help older people stay active. Available on demand through BBC Sounds and broadcast live on BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra

Love to Move

  • Is an age & dementia friendly seated exercise programme.
  • Uses specifically designed coordination & bilaterally asymmetrical movement patterns, which are thought to positively impact a person’s cognitive reserve.


  • People are invited to buddy-up (virtually) with a friend, family member or colleague and support each other to do 26 minutes of exercise a day.
  • It can be any activity and it’s not competitive. It’s not about how far or how fast, just that people do their 26 minutes and help their mayathon buddy to do theirs.
  • People download the free app from the usual app stores and then invite a friend or family member or work colleague to join as their mayathon buddy. Once they do this, the two mayathon accounts are linked together

Move it or Lose it

  • Move it or Loose it offer Live facebook workouts at 2.30pm on weekdays.  The sessions are aimed specifically for older people or those with mobilities problems and  can even be done sitting down.

Later Life Training

  • Specialises in older people’s physical activities via Facebook live. It is live 3 times per day at 8am, midday and 4pm

Join the Facebook group here

Warwickshire Wildlife Trust

  • Ideas for discovering wildlife in your garden
  • Ways to support and develop the wildlife in your garden

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