CSW Virtual School Games

The CSW School Games Virtual Challenge is an exciting programme of sporting competition running throughout the spring & summer term, giving all children the chance to represent their school team.


Can I enter before the closing date?

Yes, you can enter at any time

Do I need to send all my results through?

No, just the minimum number to make up a ‘team’ as specified on the resources.

Can I enter more than 3 teams in a competition?

No, there is a 3 team maximum. 

Can reception children enter KS1 competitions?

Yes they can. 

My best scores are from pupils in different bubbles, can I enter them?

Primary- Yes you can. 

Secondary- Yes you can.

My school is not allowing the use of equipment, can we just enter the ‘non equipment’ challenges?

No, you are welcome to adapt the challenges to run an intra school competition with your own pupils. However, to enter you will need to complete all the challenges as specified on the resource cards.

Do you have to complete all the challenges to enter?

Yes, you do.

Can we enter every competition or is there a limit?

Yes, you can enter as many of the competitions as you like.

Can SEND pupils enter mainstream competitions?

Yes, you can enter SEND pupils into whichever competition best suits their needs. If a SEND child is entered into a mainstream competition/team, they then cannot be entered into the SEND competition also.

Do competitions have to be done in PE lessons?

No, they do not. 

Can the same pupils enter multiple competitions?

Yes, we have designed the competitions with the hope you can get as many of your pupils involved as possible.

Are there prizes?

Yes, each pupil receives a certificate and the winners at county level will get medals and/or T-shirts. Local certificates and medals will be dependent on SGO areas.  

Important Safety Measures:

There are some small steps you can take to reduce the chance of problems occurring when you are exercising in and around the home.

  • Make sure you have enough space around you before starting an activity
  • Prepare the exercise space by clearing away unnecessary clutter
  • Make sure the level chosen is appropriate for you/your child’s physical and mental limits
  • Make sure all activity is focussed on achieving your/your child’s personal best rather than being compared to others
  • Stay hydrated. Have water to hand

Home based physical activity resources

To find out what your local School Games Organisers are offering please contact them. Contact details can be found below.

Coventry East School Sports Partnership
Stuart Davoile-

Coventry West School Sports Partnership
Danny Kingham- 

North Solihull School Sports Partnership
Hollie Williams- 

South Solihull School Sports Partnership
Julie Chrysostomou- 

Central Warwickshire School Sports Partnership
Ali Knight-

Eastern Warwickshire School Sports Partnership
Ian Smart-

Northern Warwickshire School Sports Partnership
Rory Leggett-

Southern Warwickshire School Sports Partnership
Andy Sandford- 





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