The Tackling Inequalities Fund (TIF) was set up in April 2020 as part of Sport England’s support package to help the sport and physical activity sector through the coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis.

Since its launch, TIF has enabled community groups to continue to exist and engage with their communities, supporting people to be engaged and active.

Case studies

The Tackling Inequalities Funding supported Clarendon Lodge to launch their weekly ‘Run, Talk, Run’ sessions in Leamington Spa. These sessions provide a friendly, safe, and open space to talk about good days, bad days, and everything in between. No therapy, and no advice just running and honest conversations.

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The Tackling Inequalities Fund has enabled Nuneaton Fire Station to bring their idea of an interactive 30-minute fitness session to life, and allow them to be the pilot scheme for all stations across Warwickshire in delivering a free online (and eventually face to face) workout.

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Arty Folks reaches out to adults of working age 18+ in Coventry and Warwickshire who are at a low point in life and struggling with ill mental health and run an award-winning Therapy for Art programme. They applied for a small amount from the Tackling Inequalities Fund for yoga mats and a fitness instructor so that they can offer physical activity as part of their offer.

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The Tackling Inequality Fund supported Inclusive Sports Academy CIC to launch new sport & physical activity sessions for young people living with impairments in Solihull.
Participant: “We’ve made a lot of friends-you get sweaty with it, I love it”
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AIM Educational Ltd is an alternative education provider based in North Warwickshire, and they received a grant from the Tackling Inequalities Fund last year to provide summer scheme activities.

The activities included a sports day, relays, football, egg and spoon, and Dog Agility, promoting physical activity whilst supporting those with anxiety to try something new.

They were donated 10 bikes that needed repairs, and some of the funding went towards a course to enable the young people to learn new skills to repair them, as well as utilise the 11.5 acre site to cycle around.

Chloe Phillips from AIM Educational said: “It’s lovely to see the young people getting outside and enjoying the activities we’ve provided. Physical activity doesn’t have to be organised and traditional – it can be running around with a cute canine pal!”

It started out as a pilot for a Yoga/wellbeing class. The project’s aim was to support local residents who had been isolated in their homes during Lockdown to attend somewhere they knew for gentle exercise and to share how they feel both during lockdown and now they are getting out more. The attendees learnt how to identify anxiety and stress and some simple coping mechanisms for dealing with it.
The yoga teacher was a trained counsellor and was able to offer participants 1-to-1 sessions if they were particularly anxious or stressed. However, the counselling took up time during the sessions that we had 2 other Yoga facilitators to run the sessions to leave the counsellor free for people to approach.
The club, based in Keresley, provided coached and mentored activity sessions for their club members and members of their families to engage with all age groups. With 2 qualified coaches and a Welfare Officer at each session, they aimed to relieve anxiety associated with becoming active post-Lockdown 1.0.
We have lots of players that we could tell you about, but we would like to introduce you to John. We believe that a case study is the best way to bring our football club to life and demonstrate the positive outcomes that have been achieved. We first met John between lockdowns, he joined our face to face football sessions. His parents had been looking for a suitable group that he would be able to join for some time. As you can see his parents were very anxious.
“John” is desperate to come – would this be possible? I have no idea how he will cope, or what to expect! But I’m all for giving it a go and he is very keen”. After week one, this is the feedback that we had “John absolutely loved football and would love to come again next week”.


Through Sport England, from the National Lottery, Think Active have been provided with ‘Tackling Inequalities funding’ to invest across Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire to help reduce the negative impact of COVID-19 and the widening of the inequalities in sportphysical activity and exercise. 

Data from the Sport England commissioned Physical Activity attitudes and behaviours survey during COVID-19 is highlighting widening gaps in the activity levels across existing priority audiences and in particular the following groups:   

  • Lower Socio-Economic Groups 
  • Black, Asian Minority Ethnic Communities, 
  • Disabled People  
  • People with Long-Term Health Conditions (LTC). 

Closing date for applications: 5th September 2021


Funding Priorities 

We want to support organisations and projects that help enable people living in North Warwickshire, Nuneaton and Bedworth to be more active .  In particular projects must focus on  supporting the following groups be active:  

  • Lower Socio-Economic Groups 
  • Black, Asian Minority Ethnic Communities, 
  • Disabled People  
  • People with Long-Term Health Conditions (LTC). 

In particular, we would welcome projects which use sport, physical activity and exercise to address the following challenges which have been identified as being key : 

  • Young Peoples Mental Health, particularly  for those young people who have been shielding
    *To see how the Mental Health of children and young people has been affected by Covid-19, here is an infographic from Kooth. CYP and Mental Health during Covid
  • People who are unable to access online physical activity opportunities due to lack of access or confidence 
  • Supporting people who are nervous or anxious to return to or start activity within their community as a result of shielding 
  • People recovering from Covid-19 who would benefit from being more active to help their recovery 
  • Projects which target people living in communities within Nuneaton and Bedworth and North Warwickshire 

The people taking part can be of any age but must live in Coventry, Solihull or Warwickshire. 



Funds need to be spent by the end of March 2022.


The funding range for applications is between £200 – £3000.   

Please only apply for the funding that you really need to deliver your project as it will allow for our funding to benefit more people in need. 


Who can Apply? 

 Your organisation can apply if you are: 

  • A not-for-profit voluntary or community club or organisation 
  • A registered charity 
  • A not for profit company or community interest company or other social enterprise 
  • A charitable incorporated organisation
  • A registered society
  • Company limited by guarantee

We particularly welcome applications from community groups and organisations who work with the groups we are trying to target, even if you have never delivered a sport physical activity or exercise project before. 


What can the grant pay for? 

Any activities which encourage people to be active will be considered, this can range from traditional sports through to lower intensity exercise, and walking, dance .  We are interested in both innovative ideas or what has previously worked well with the target audiences. 

Examples of the type of items the grant can be used to fund are as follows.  This is not an exhaustive list and what we fund may vary depending on the organisation and project:

  • Equipment
  • Live streaming platform licences 
  • Instructor/coach/deliverer costs 
  • Training costs 
  • Transport costs 
  • Volunteer costs or expenses 
  • Venue Hire 
  • PPE/additional cleaning costs

Projects must be able to demonstrate that items to be funded are required as a result of a need which has arisen as a  direct result of Covid-19.

 If you have other ideas which aren’t included on this list, please get in touch to see if it is something we will consider:

It is important that any idea is formed in accordance with the latest Government Social Distancing guidelines.  Links to the latest guidance and other useful information and resources are available on the Sport England Return to Play web page, available here

How to Apply 

Please complete the application form available on the following link:

 Because this funding is to be allocated for use immediately or in the very near future, we have tried to make the application process as straight forward as possible.   

 Please answer the application form as best you can with the information you have easily to hand.   We can always get back to you if we require more information. 


After you’ve applied 

Someone from the team will be in touch to discuss your application with you, and ask any additional information if necessary.


If you’re successful 

If you’re successful, you’ll receive an award agreement that states the purpose of the award and contains our terms and conditions.  

It will also let you know want you need to do to accept and claim your award.  

Your grant is intended specifically for the project you’ve applied for, and any proposed changes should be discussed with us in advance. 

You should also keep all receipts and evidence of expenditure. Payments for goods and services for the project should be made directly from the organisation’s bank account (i.e. not by cash) as we may request bank statements to verify claims for payment. 

You will be asked to let us know how you got on with your project by keeping a record of the number of people who benefited and by submitting a case study at the end of the project. 


What we can’t fund 

We can’t fund the following: 

  • Items which only benefit an individual 
  • Existing salaries 
  • The continuation of a project or a project that has taken place before 
  • Projects that take place or incur costs before the date of the offer letter. This includes any form of deposits and costs associated in submitting the application 
  • Contingency costs and VAT you can recover 
  • Projects involving travel to another country 
  • Sponsorship, endowments or loan repayments 
  • Overseas travel 
  • Political or lobbying activities. 
  • Capital works
  • Activities or costs which are already covered by other government funding or Sport England’s Community Emergency Fund
  • Activities promoting religious or political beliefs 
  • Gardening projects

Who we can’t accept applications from? 

There are a number of entities we won’t be able to fund: 

  • Individuals 
  • Sole traders 
  • Organisations not established in the UK 
  • Organisations applying on behalf of another 
  • Companies that can pass on profits generated from this funding to directors, members or shareholders. 
  • Any private business or profitmaking organisations unless they are a Social Enterprise or Community Interest Company 

Additional Support 

If you want any support with completing the application or you would like to discuss your idea then please contact either or 07885200524

For advice and guidance on delivering sport, physical activity and exercise during Covid-19, please see the resources on the Think Active website available here

For the latest research into how the coronavirus crisis has affected people’s activity levels and attitudes towards exercise, visit the Sport England website here

Other resources that you may find helpful in developing your idea: 





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