Recruiting and Retaining Members

Attracting new members and retaining existing ones is the most common challenge faced by sports clubs, due to changes in lifestyle and the number of alternatives now available for someone looking to become fit and active.

To overcome these challenges, and stand out from these competitors, it is important that clubs truly understand their members so that they can offer a service which meets their wants and needs. It is important for clubs to bear in mind that the club exists for, and because of, the members, players and participants of the club.

People participate in sport for different reasons. Once a club identifies and understands these motivations, they can us this knowledge to begin to build a positive club environment and therefore experience. By providing this positive experience you will give your existing members a reason to keep coming back, as well as attracting potential new members through word of mouth.

National Resources

Club Views

Club Views is a club feedback tool designed to help a club seek the views of their players, members, coaches and volunteers about all aspects of their club experience. There is also guidance on responding to the feedback received, both positive and negative, and why it is important to do so.

Understanding Your Members

This video highlights the importance for a club to understand its members and the general motivations they have. There is also guidance which breaks down these motivations into elements such as age and gender.

Overcoming Barriers

This resource breaks down several possible barriers a member or potential member may be facing and suggests solutions to these barriers.


This page includes the Make Sport Everyone’s Game toolkit, designed to guide a club in becoming more inclusive to the LGBT community. There is also guidance to other organisations who can support a club to become more inclusive, and there is also a Case Study video on Doncaster Rowing Club and how they have benefitted from becoming more inclusive.

Delivering sessions online

CIMSPA have produced guidance outlining the requirements to ensure the safe delivery of sport and physical activity services
for participants in the online environment. 

Delivering Sport Online Guidance