About Club Structure

It is important that your club is structured, from a legal perspective, in a way that best suits your needs now and in the future. A club structure can influence how a club is viewed by others (e.g. banks, funding providers, the public) and determines whether the club is treated as a separate legal entity (i.e. club members are not personally responsible for its debts). It is also important to consider that there are different rules and legal requirements depending on how a club is structured. Whatever structure or status a club chooses it is important for them to understand what the implications are, and it is advisable to consider updating the club’s constitution to reflect the structure of the club.

There are two main types of organisational status, unincorporated and corporated. Unincorporated includes company limited by guarantee, company limited by shares, community benefit society and charitable incorporated organisation. 


Unincorporated are generally suitable if: ​

> Small local club​

> Don’t own assets (property etc.) ​

> Don’t take on any contracts​

> Not involved in high risk sport​

> Protected fully through 3rd party insurance


Corporated are ​generally suitable if:

> Employ staff​

> Apply for finance (loans or grants) ​

> Own assets​

> Entering contracts​

> Taking on a lease​

> Buying buildings


Choose the appropriate structure for your club​

> Do it once, do it right​

> Register with HMRC if liable to Corporation Tax​

> Get the right Directors​

> Ensure your details are correct and up to date​

> Use the correct details on correspondence / contracts etc.​

> Know your ongoing obligations e.g. annual accounts, annual return.​


Local Resources

Other Local Support

Warwickshire Community and Voluntary Action

WCAVA offers a range of support services and advice to small and emerging community groups and voluntary organisations, charities and social enterprises across Warwickshire, as well as supporting existing and larger organisations to strengthen, fulfilling their missions more effectively.

We work closely with each Local Authority’s sports/physical activity and community teams as well as Think Active. Each partner’s capacity will be different, and some enquiries and issues will be discussed with local partners, if you agree to see who is best placed to offer support.

As your organisation needs to grow and develop, Warwickshire CAVA can help you with that journey. We offer guidance in:

> Project and business planning

> Monitoring and evaluation – thinking about funders needs, as well as measuring your impact and value

> Managing your finances more effectively – project and organisational budgeting and planning

> Thinking about your leadership – committee/ board roles and responsibilities

> Effective partnership working – from networking and joint working, to considering developing consortia and mergers

> Quality assurance – we have years of experience with several recognised quality systems, we can help you understand quality and what is right for you

For more information, go to https://www.wcava.org.uk/

Local Support

If you need more support, please contact your local authority Sports Development Officers:

Warwick District

Number: 01926 456221

Email Address: Manoj.Sonecha@warwickdc.gov.uk

Website: www.warwickdc.gov.uk

Rugby Borough

Tom Allen (Sports Development Officer) – tom.allen@rugby.gov.uk / 01788 533711

Website – www.rugby.gov.uk

Facebook – Rugby Sport and Leisure

Twitter – @RBCsportandrec

Nuneaton & Bedworth Borough

Email: info@getactiveforlife.co.uk

Website: www.getactiveforlife.co.uk

Facebook: Get Active for Life

Twitter: @activeforlifenb

Instagram: @activeforlifenb


Email: Jonathan,hunt@coventry.gov.uk

Twitter: @covsport


Phone: 0121 704 8079

Email: sadiewalker@solihull.gov.uk

Website: www.solihullactive.co.uk

North Warwickshire Borough