Effective Club/Group Marketing

There are now a range of different methods to market a club, and it’s important a club evaluates these options before deciding on the best way of reaching their target group. Most clubs use a mixture of traditional marketing, such as leaflets and flyers, and digital marketing, advertising the club via the internet on social media, apps and websites.

Developing a marketing plan is one way to help a club focus on maximising opportunities to increase sales, sponsorship, membership and participant numbers. A club’s marketing is more likely to be successful when you’ve taken time to identify what you want to do and when you want to do it.

National Resources

Marketing Options Checklist

This page has a checklist of tips to consider when thinking about your marketing options.


Evaluating Marketing Options Online Module

Marketing Research

This page discusses the importance of market research, and how this can benefit a club in understanding their members and potential members and how they can then shape their marketing effectively.