Climate Change

Think Active recognise that is it our responsibility as an Active Partnership to contribute and promote good practices in reducing our carbon and environmental footprint. We are formally committed to protecting and enhancing the environment, being an environmentally responsible charity.

Think Active Climate change policy 2021

Our Vision is that everyone can enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle encouraging people to become more active. By being active everyday this reduces the need for energy consumption amongst other things heating, lighting, fuel etc, but also increases the health of the population.

The World Health Organisation Global Action Plan for Sport and Physical Activity state that as well as the additional health benefits, societies that are more active can generate additional returns on investment including a reduced use of fossil fuels, cleaner air and less congested, safer roads. These outcomes are interconnected with achieving the shared goals, political priorities and ambition of the Sustainable Development Agenda 2030.

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Tools you can use

Check how Green your Website is:

Website Carbon Calculator

Create’s Eco Checker

Measure your Global Footprint:

WWF Footprint Calculator

Walking to School Programme:

WOW Travel Tracker

Climate Change Clock:

Climate Clock

Birmingham Commonwealth Games (the first games to be carbon neutral)

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