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Run, Talk, Run Sessions-Open to all abilities

The Tackling Inequalities Funding supported Clarendon Lodge to launch their weekly ‘Run, Talk, Run’ sessions in Leamington Spa. These sessions provide a friendly, safe, and open space to talk about good days, bad days, and everything in between. No therapy, and no advice just running and honest conversations.

The Run leaders; Dr. Hussain Al-zubaidi (GP), Dom Shepherd (Social Prescriber), and Mick Hurrell (PT & outdoor coach) show incredible passion and dedication to use lifestyle medicine and physical activity to protect people’s health, particularly those living with long-term health conditions.                                                    

COVID-19 restrictions bought many challenges, the practices physical activity sessions were delayed and despite people wanting companionship and to be physically active, many people fear taking that step. However, the leaders worked within the constraints, introduced virtual runs, and virtual social opportunities for people to connect. Once restrictions lifted, the need to support an individual’s mental health and physical activity was more important than ever, therefore the Run, Talk, Run sessions were launched.

Dr. Hussain Al-zubaidi “Some people will come for the physical element, some will attend for support, but it doesn’t matter, as long as everyone’s together and getting something out of it that’s what important”

Mick Hurrell “It’s an alignment of the stars, we love and are so passionate about health, fitness, and medicine so we came together to make something happen. It’s fantastic”

The impact of Run, Talk, Run has been invaluable to the members and the community. Many members that attend are brand new to physical activity, have been socially isolated, and are living with long-term health conditions including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and arthritis. Therefore, taking the leap to be physically active was a huge challenge, but they have not looked back since. Members are thoroughly enjoying the friendly, inclusive environment, love meeting new people whilst getting air in their lungs, and overall living a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Member “I love the people, so welcoming and the whole thing is a great experience. Rather than feeling worthless- you feel worth it and part of a team”

This member lives with mental health challenges and knee problems, yet this does not stop him!! He turns up, takes it at his own pace, tries hard, and enjoys himself from start to finish.

Dom Shepherd “Its new and fresh, something different and they find it exciting as they have been used to medicine for a very long time. It supports people mentally, socially and physically”

Dr. Hussain Al-zubaidi “Physical activity can be a much safer alternative to medicine”

What’s next…

Clarendon Lodge will continue the Run, Talk, Run sessions & have launched a new session in partnership with Waterside Medical Practice. New physical activity sessions will soon be available including group cycling & nordic walking. The leaders will continue their mission to support people to live well through the power of physical activity.    

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