CSW Virtual School Games- Arden Fields Case Study

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Arden Fields School, based in Henley-in-Arden, have been taking part in the CSW Virtual School Games throughout the summer term.
They were named winners of Special School Tennis Participation Award winning themselves a £75 PE Equipment Voucher.

The school took the decision to allow the pupils that took part in the Tennis activity to decide what equipment was brought with the voucher. The pupils chose equipment they believe was appropriate to their needs as well as what they would like to use during Physical Education from September. So far footballs, rugby balls and boxing equipment have been chosen so far.

Arden Fields believe this approach has allowed the pupils to take ownership over their success and feel that more ownership should be given to young people to make choices during their school time such as activities undertaken, or equipment needed.

The activities run by CSW were fantastic. It really gave the pupils in school something to do and some routine as they began to understand there was a new sport/challenge each week”
Miss L Noel- Class Teacher at Arden Fields School

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