My 5 in 5- A break from work

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Blog 1- 12th October 2020

My 5 in 5:

I have been using the We Are Undefeatable 5 in 5 as a great way to break up my day whilst working from home. It has allowed me to have a 5-minute break mid-morning & mid-afternoon to revitalise myself, allowing me to maintain my focus on work.

The 5 minutes away from the computer screen, stretching and raising my heartbeat has helped with aches I have started to feel from sitting in front of a desk all day and has helped keep me energised throughout the working day instead of fatigue setting in around 3:00pm.

I have found the 5 in 5 tool is great as no equipment is needed and is easily fitted into my daily routine. The exercises have been easy to follow and there is enough choice that I have been able to pick different exercises throughout the week, which has helped keep me motivated.

I am looking forward to continuing this habit and enjoying the benefits both mentally and physically.

Hayley x


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