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Love to Move is an age and dementia friendly seated exercise programme unlike any other.


The programme has its roots taken from gymnastics and uses specially designed coordination and bilaterally asymmetrical movement patterns, which are thought to have the effect of increasing a person’s cognitive reserve. 

Research on the programme to date has identified that Love to Move can make a significant impact on the quality of life for older people; and in particular, those living with dementia appear to benefit the most. It can be delivered in a range of settings and is set to music. 


Think Active are working with the British Gymnastics Foundation to develop Love to Move across CSW. If you are interested in developing Love to Move, please use our online enquiry form. 

Love to Move Case Study on Fiona Coombes at the Alzheimer’s Society



This case study has been conducted to understand the effectiveness of a Love to Move Candidate in the setting of their delivery by considering their background and the Love to Move training programme to facilitate a better understanding as to how comfortable they are with their delivery and the additional support Think Active can provide. This case study focuses on Fiona Coombes- A Group Coordinator at the Alzheimer’s Society in Coventry.

About the Candidate

Fiona Coombes is a group coordinator at the Alzheimer’s Society, she attended the Love to Move training programme in Leamington Spa in May 2019. Attending the Love to Move programme is necessary in order to be able to deliver sessions in the future. She currently delivers the Love to Move Class once a month on the first Friday of every month, the class runs for around one hour and regularly consists of around 20 service users.

About the Organisation

The Alzheimer’s Society is a Non-Profit Organisation that offers a wide range of dementia related services as well as consists of Day Care centres placed around the country. They employ their own dementia professional as well as offer day care centres, community homes etc the opportunity to become Dementia Friendly Communities.

The Delivery

Fiona believes that past experience working with vulnerable people has a positive impact in relation to the delivery of this kind of programme as she said ” Working with people with dementia before attending the course has definitely helped in the delivery as I was already used to working in groups and being familiar with some of the people who attend the session which has made me comfortable and confident to deliver the class smoothly. I would not expect people involved in sports to be interested in this. This is more for day cares and community centres.” This would imply that her background plays a key role in understanding the course and subsequently delivering the classes.

She also pointed out the role the Love to Move training programme had on her ease and comfort of delivery. “I felt it (The training programme) was more than enough. The content was sufficient. It was very heavy with the theory but I felt that was unnecessary as understanding and developing empathy for your patients is important for a job like this.”

With respect to the additional support provided by Think active, her suggestions were mainly a Buddy System and Online Forum to be able to provide and receive feedback from other deliverers. “Delivering with others would be beneficial. This would help engage with the class a lot more. I currently have around 20 people who attend the class so being able to give all of them the right attention is hard. Whenever I have volunteers or someone else who delivers Love to Move present then the class is much smoother. Getting feedback from other deliverers will help, to hear their reasons for taking this up and their motivations. So, we could all discuss the challenges each person has faced and how they overcame them in case anyone else faces a similar challenge in the future. Buddying up with someone to deliver would be my main suggestion as the last time I did with my colleague we were both far more confident.”

The main issues she highlighted with the delivery were the troubles experienced with downloading and playing the music provided by Love to Move as well as the rigid structure of the course which she found hard to follow due to her Service Users not responding well to every component in the programme.

Service User Feedback

The programme is held at the Alzheimer’s Society in Coventry on the first Friday of every month. 20 people usually attend the programme. Feedback was gathered from some of the Service Users relating to the delivery of the session as well as their feelings towards the session. The users found attending the sessions “relaxing and enjoyable” and said they found themselves looking forward to the next one. They were not too keen on every aspect of the session and did not find every activity relevant however one participant said he was “surprised by the impact and found himself tapping along”. They all gave positive feedback towards the delivery as well as the support provided.





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